5 Steps to Overcoming Call Reluctance

overcoming call reluctance

Call ReluctanceStruggling with overcoming call reluctance? Just about everyone has experienced the jitters at one time or another when making sales calls. But being able to engage and close prospects on the phone is one of the most powerful and profitable skills you can develop in your business. Especially in a relationship business like direct sales or network marketing, you’d be leaving a lot of money on the table not to.

Here are five steps you can take to totally overcome call reluctance.

1. Choose prospects you feel good about contacting

You could define this in a number of ways, but I think this famous quote from Milton Erickson underscores them all: “Anything is possible in the presence of good rapport”.

The more rapport and trust you have with the person on the other end of the phone, the easier and more effective that call is going to be (and the more you’ll look forward to making it).

How do you establish that kind of rapport in sales prospecting? Well, if you’ve spent the time to figure out who your ideal prospect is, then you already have a leg up on this step. But the bottom line is that understanding your specific target prospect(s) means you know what makes them tick–what their biggest concerns, desires, and pain points are– and knowing that empowers you to provide a solution to their problems.

Knowing your target audience is also the cornerstone of effective lead generation. When you can create valuable content and marketing that speaks to the concerns of that audience, then you will begin to generate leads that expect to hear from you, and even look forward to it. That completely changes the dynamic of your call, then you’re just following up to see how you can serve them more.

2. Be 150% sold on what you are selling

You are really selling two things. First, you’re selling your prospect on yourself, and then you are selling them on your product. The two go hand in hand.

Sales is based on trust. Your prospect needs to feel that YOU wholeheartedly believe in the benefit of what you have to sell. Your genuine confidence and enthusiasm about the product will transfer to them. Likewise, if you’re distracted by doubts in either yourself or your product, that will also come through.

If you’ve had great personal experiences with your product or service, by all means share them. But the point it is to focus on how your product and service has helped other people and can help your prospect too. Make it your mission to learn about as many success stories and satisfied customers with your product as possible. Study it’s features and benefits, and understand exactly how each are relevant for your prospect.

3. Recall past accomplishments

At our very core, we all crave an experience of integrity. The thoughts, emotions, and images that you allow to occupy your mind the most will naturally lead you to seek experiences that are congruent with them. (That is sentence is worth reading again.)

That’s why before picking up that phone, it’s important to consciously direct your mind toward empowering thoughts, images, and memories. What was one of your greatest successes in your business? Or a challenging personal obstacle that you overcame? Recall those empowering experiences in detail, until you feel yourself reproducing the same emotional state and attitudes that were behind those successes.

4. Use Mental Rehearsal

After cultivating the right state of mind, spend some time visualizing yourself picking up the phone, and making the perfect sales call. Imagine exactly what you would say, how you would say it, and your prospect responding with openness and interest. Imagine some of the typical questions your prospect might ask, including objections you have heard before, and picture yourself responding perfectly and with confidence to each one.

The more you “meditate” on these mental scenes, the more you will program your mind and body to fulfill them in action.

5. Relax

When you understand your prospect, believe in your your product, and cultivate an empowering state of mind, taking action and overcoming call reluctance is simple.

You can turn it over to what Maxwell Maltz famously called your “Automatic Success Mechanism” … which is another term for that “integrity seeking” phenomenon I described above. When your mind is aligned with purpose, belief, and powerful mental and emotion resources, your actions will naturally want to “flow” in the same direction.

If you want to learn more about overcoming call reluctance, and countless other invaluable tips on developing your sales skill, I highly recommend Maxwell Maltz’s Zero-Resistance Selling and Psycho-cybernetics, two classic books that shown countless professionals, entrepreneurs, and athletes how to empower their minds to achieve peak performance.

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