Internet Network Marketing Business: Does it Really Work?

internet network marketing business

internet network marketing businessWondering if starting an Internet network marketing business is for you? If you’re already in a referral marketing business, you know that your biz lives and dies by the number of leads you speak to each day… and if you’re thinking about starting a network marketing business, you’ll soon discover what an important area of focus this is… as soon as your “warm market” contacts run out.

The most successful people in this industry understand that they need to get their message in front of the widest possible audience of targeted prospects, because the fact is– regardless of how cool your product or service may be–most prospects will not end up buying. That may be for any number of reasons (they don’t call back, they’re not qualified, not interested, etc.).

So the pro network marketer understands they have to generate leads in large enough numbers to begin seeing the sales conversions they’re ultimately after. You gotta GO BIG and cast a wide net for your message, which is really what the marketing part of “network marketing” is all about.

That’s Where an Internet Network Marketing Business Really Shines…

If you’ve got the right tools and skill set, the Internet is a MASSIVE, endless source of leads waiting for you to tap into and build your business. On Google alone, 2 million people per minute are searching online for products, services, opportunities and solutions to their problems. Over 500 million Facebook users are active every day, providing social proof, recommendations, and helping businesses go viral. And here’s the thing… you only need to tap into a micro-fraction of that traffic to get leads and take your business to the next level.

BUT, you’ve got to know what you’re doing…. or you can spend a lot of time (and money) running in circles with methods and tactics that will get you nowhere.

One of the big pitfalls for people when they first go online is they’re suddenly crushed by a tidal wave of information (a lot of it contradictory).  Countless marketing “gurus” telling you this or that is the secret to success online.

You sign up on this person’s list, get on that list, try this boot camp and then another one… then you’re on your computer every night until 2:00am sucking up new videos and devouring ebooks on countless topics like blogging, search engines, Adwords, copywriting, tracking, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, mobile marketing, YouTube, video sales letters, social bookmarking, link building, media buys, SEO, PPC, NLP, then another video about Outsourcing Everything.. and before you know it, two weeks has passed, your head is pounding from info-overload, and you haven’t moved your business forward… even. one. inch. Sound familiar?

The Secret to Network Marketing Online is Simple…

That’s not to say it’s necessarily easy, especially if you’re spinning your wheels on the wrong approach. But the keys to a functioning Internet network marketing business are actually very simple. You need two things: 1) Traffic and 2) Conversions (sales). That’s it. You need to master one or more forms of traffic generation to get enough eyeballs on your content and offer, and then learn a few effective strategies for converting that traffic.

“Conversion” is not a one time deal… you are always guiding your prospect and converting them to the next level. You’re converting web searchers to visitors, visitors to subscribers, subscribers to sales, and sales into bigger or repeat sales. (Actually, this process never ends…  because you are constantly building new levels of trust and rapport with your prospects and customers, which leads to more responsiveness, more action, and greater profits).

The fundamentals of Internet marketing are the same, no matter what niche you’re in. But if you’re trying to build an Internet Network Marketing Business, there are some important principles you must master and integrate into your strategy if you want to be successful online. You need to understand how to employ MLM internet marketing to appeal to your target audience– not spam them and get lost in the crowd.

A Proven System for your Internet Network Marketing Business.

network marketing onlineThe most successful people in business understand the value of modeling– carefully studying what others have done in the same business, and applying the those principles and methods to achieve the same success. There are so many important things you must attend to in your business. If you’re at all serious about it, you know you don’t have time to waste. That’s why the most successful online marketers don’t try to piece it all together from scratch… but instead embrace a proven system and a community that allows them to massively accelerate their learning curve, and build their network marketing business online in record time.

To Your Success,
Dan Walsh





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